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I've always loved hair, but didn't know that I was meant to be a stylist. I remember riding my bike to the grocery store in Jr High so I could buy a red box dye. I wanted to look like Claire Danes in My So Called Life. That was also the first of many freak-outs my mom would have over what I did to my hair.

I dreamt of the Art Institute of Colorado when I was in high school. So I went, not realizing that a major in Multimedia and Web Design meant writing html code. Longing for the creativity without the coding, I found myself at Hair Dynamics in Fort Collins. I knew I could apply my artistic ability to this technical skill and create looks that would make clients walk away with that extra bounce in their step. 

Education is a major part of my career. I'm training to be an educator for Davines and came full circle when I decided to teach at Hair Dynamics about 13 years ago. I think that in order to teach something, you must fully understand it. I strive to have that in depth knowledge and continue to take classes several times a year, all over the country. Frankly, it's an excellent excuse to travel and meet cool people as well. I think that these classes give me the ability to adapt to each client's wants and needs. I love all styles from edgy and trendy, to classically beautiful and romantic. I listen and ask (maybe too many) questions to truly find out not only what finished look is desired, but also discover what each client's lifestyle would support. I want to set up every guest for success every morning that they are or aren't styling their hair. Through these interrogations, I tend to find out a lot about each individual. I consider most clients to be friends and I am pretty damn lucky to have so many good people in my life. I love a good laugh and great conversation!

My husband and I just opened Bent Salon in July of 2019. It has been quite the adventure! I never thought of myself as a boss and really try to avoid any situations that make me act like one. What I really wanted was to create this warm and welcoming environment where talented and driven stylists could come work and reach their full potential. I wanted to break the mold of the traditional salon setting and allow these individuals to thrive and succeed! I must tell you that I couldn't have done it without my Mikey. He's the grounded one that makes my lofty ideas come to fruition. I'm also passionate about the environment. Our industry is known for being wasteful and disposable. While I'm aware that I'm not perfect, I'm working on changing all of our bad habits. We are a Green Circle Salon that recycles damn near everything. If you haven't heard of Green Circle Salons, give it a google! You'll be impressed.

Communication is a pivotal part of my job as your stylist. I like to keep lines of communication open and easy! Talk to me! I am not a mind reader and promise my feelings won't be hurt. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to reach out! You can contact me at or schedule a consultation online by clicking on the Book Now link below. I truly look forward to meeting you and your hair!

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